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Welcome to Cascades Coffee House!

Step into Cascades Coffee House, where every cup is brewed with a sense of adventure and the spirit of the Cascades Mountain Range. Our journey began on an unforgettable hike through the breathtaking Three Sisters Wilderness. Those days were filled with friendship, laughter, and the kind of scenic beauty that leaves you in awe.

One morning, as the sun’s rays danced on dew-covered grass, I gazed at the majestic reflection of the snow-capped Three Sisters in a serene lake. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, I broke a couple of stir sticks and traced out what would become our coffee house logo on a nearby douglas fir stump. Encouraged by friends and family who gathered to share that magical moment, I decided to turn this dream into a reality. And now, here we are, ready to share that magic with you!


Specialty Drinks

Cascades Caramel Latte

This favorite drink of mine was named as the signature drink for the coffee house. The unique blend of hazelnut and caramel syrups separates this from the classic caramel latte. Topped with house-made whipped topping and a drizzle of Hollanders caramel sauce makes this memorable drink!

MT. Hood Golden Turmeric Latte

At the base of Mt Hood is a tulip farm. In late spring one year I was passing through and the tulips were in bloom. The view over the field of yellow tulips with the majestic Mt Hood rising to the sky in the background would make the most hardened person take pause at the beauty… Yes, I took a rather long break to take in the sights that day! The golden yellow hue of this latte reminds me of that day… and it is arguably good for you!!

Applegate Lavender Almond Mocha

The lavender fields in the Applegate valley east of Medford, OR is a great place to wonder and explore. Not only is the scent of lavender calming and relaxing… It tastes amazing mixed with the flavors of almonds and chocolate!!

Black Butte

At the base of Mt Shasta in Northern California sits the tall, cinder mountain of Black Butte. If you’ve driven Interstate 5 in the area you’ve passed right by it! This favorite cold drink of mine combines the subtle flavors of cold-brewed coffee, chicory and the sweetness of condensed milk. The addition of chicory adds the richness of the coffee and a hint of earthiness and nuttiness.

Three Sisters Irish Cream Latte

A favorite winter destination to camp in eastern Oregon is near the base of Charity (South Sister). Our evening routine after a day of snowshoeing is to enjoy a hot toddy while preparing dinner… My favorite Irish Cream!!

Bumpass Hell Mocha

Growing up in Northern California I would often spend time in the Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park. Within the park is an area called Bumpass Hell. It is an amazing place to visit to witness the power and awe of a volcano. The mud pots in the area would bubble continuously as if you left a pot of chocolate milk on the stove simmering. One such pot had a rim of earth built up around it from decades of splashing and simmering that made it look like a cup was buried in the ground with just the top third exposed. It was a delicious looking, molten cup of earth!

Mt. Lassen Lemongrass Matcha

I first was introduced to the subtle flavors of lemongrass by a friend who would make a tea from the lemongrass stalk. I loved that simple tea and the addition of a premium Matcha green tea makes this a clean and refreshing beverage to enjoy with friends or a good book!

And more…

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The iconic mountain range logo for Cascades Coffee House originated from a peaceful trip hiking west of Bend, OR in the Three Sisters Volcanic Mountain Range.  These mountains were once beautifully named Faith, Hope and Charity.  I was reminded of that story one morning brewing up our camp’s favorite coffee while overlooking the majesty of these peaks and was immediately struck at just how accurately these simple names reflected how I wanted my dream of a coffee house to be reflected in the neighborhoods they would be open.  The brand’s logo reflects the simple design I made on a stump with the coffee stirrers I had at hand.

What Makes Our Espresso Coffee Special…

At Cascades Coffee House, we take pride in our unique espresso blend, roasted lighter than traditional espressos to highlight the distinct flavors of our beans. Our heavy Sumatra blend, combined with precise custom espresso machine settings more coffee, higher pressure, less water), creates an espresso shot that bursts with toffee, nutty, and creamy sweet notes. This exceptional shot elevates our signature drinks, complemented by perfectly frothed dairy and non-dairy options and just the right amount of syrup to balance the flavor without overpowering it.

Community Focused

I adore our community. We launched right as the pandemic hit full force, a time when most restaurants and public spaces were shuttering. Talk about impeccable timing, right? Despite the challenges, we weathered those tough years, all thanks to one thing—the incredible people in our neighborhood with their remarkable talents.

What I cherish about our coffee house is the chance it offers for connections. Whether it’s a few friends catching up over tea, colleagues putting the final touches on a project, or students cramming for that last-minute exam, our space—both indoors and outdoors—fosters these essential interactions.

Moreover, I’m honored to showcase some exceptionally talented locals who craft amazing goods. Our shop’s local retail section spotlights three vendor partners each month, ranging from watercolor artists to artisans creating handcrafted leather goods, and from makers of soaps and scents to brighten any space. Our community is teeming with talent, and this is our opportunity to support each other and keep it as local as possible!